About Us

Welcome to Triangle Land Auctions, an integral extension of the esteemed Triangle Realty brand. Our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service to our clients prompted the creation of this specialized service. With a profound focus on a diverse range of agricultural properties, including Irrigated Farmland, Feedyards, Grain Facilities, Dairies, and beyond, we are poised to transform your experience.

Our journey in the auction landscape began in 2014, initially under the banner of Legacy Land Auctions. Though our name has evolved, our steadfast dedication to client satisfaction remains resolutely unchanged. This evolution aligns our auction identity seamlessly with our overarching entity, Triangle Realty, facilitating an even more streamlined and advantageous experience for our valued auction clients.

Having facilitated over 1,500 successful transactions spanning the Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico regions, our track record speaks volumes. Since our inception in 2009, Triangle Realty has meticulously cultivated a reputable brand, one that now works synergistically with Triangle Land Auctions. This dynamic interplay enables us to harness our established brand equity, attracting a broader spectrum of potential buyers to the negotiation table, ultimately maximizing your long-term benefits.

Choose Triangle Land Auctions today and embark on a journey where experience meets innovation, and legacy converges with vision. Your agricultural property aspirations are our priority, and we are here to transcend them.